Guide to Playing Online Blackjack at Casinos in Nigeria

There are tons of reasons why players in Nigeria love online blackjack. Below is a guide on everything that players should learn about the game before they commence their gambling endeavour.

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The Popularity of Online Blackjack with Nigerian Gamblers

Online blackjack is prevalent in Nigeria because of its convenience. All that a player requires is good insight and strategy. Players also need to have access to either a computer or phone to play the game. Also, it isn’t a game of luck. It requires players to understand the game.

Proper understanding of the game allows the players to construct some strategies that will assist with adaptability easily. In return, it’s easy to discern the different decisions to make.

Easy to Play

Even with the game being convenient, most new players will love it because it’s easy to play. That is, players, don’t require much to begin gambling in the game. All that one needs is a mobile phone or a computer. After which, they can learn about the game and learn how to create superlative strategies.

Low House Edge

Most people in Nigeria prefer gambling on blackjack since the house has little advantage over the users. In return, this indicates that players have a better chance of winning since most sites will have a 6% or lower edge. The best players can reduce this to 1% by implementing the best strategies.

Fast-Paced Game

Online gaming doesn’t have any pressure. Unlike the brick-and-mortar casinos, players can play from the comfort of their homes, thus making the right decisions. Because of this, most games won’t last long. Players can even opt for the live dealer feature to add some humanization to the game.

online blackjack hand values


Blackjack rose in the 18th century from three French, Italian and Spanish games. These games included chemin de fer and French ferme, seven and a half, and one and thirty. In that era, it was known as vingt-et-un, meaning twenty-one.

In the 19th century, the game was introduced to the United States, and it was called Blackjack. Nowadays, it is a game where the players have any card of value of ten or any ace. It is so popular nowadays due to internet gambling.

The Basics

If a player wants to learn how to play online blackjack or become great at it, they need to understand all the basics. Learning these basics provide players with an understanding of what most casinos require. From which they can create some unique strategies that will help them win.

Since most gamblers have moved to online blackjack due to its convenience, understanding the basics provides the new players with a concrete foundation. It helps them understand the online blackjack rules, card values, terminologies, and the best places to practice.

Card Values

There are three ways of winning. They entail:

  • Reaching the value of 21 on the first two cards before the dealer.
  • Forming a hand with cards that value up to 21 or below while the dealer is past 21.
  • Forming a hand with cards that have more value than the dealers without exceeding 21.

After understanding this, it’s easier to learn about card values. All cards from 2 to 9 have the points awarded at face value. That is, 2’s are worth two points, 3’s worth three points, and so on. The Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10’s are worth 10 points, and Aces are worth one or 11 points.


Besides the card values, new players must learn about the terminology. It will entail:

  • Surrender – It means surrendering when the player thinks that their hand won’t beat the dealer based on what the dealer is showing and the player’s first two cards.
  • Insurance – When the dealer shows an ace, players can take insurance where they bet half their original bet.
  • Hit – When players hit, they get another card added to their hand.
  • Split – Players can only split if the value of the first two cards they get is similar.
  • Double – Here, a player can double their wager if they think their first two cards provide them with an advantage over the dealer.
  • Stand – Standing allows the dealer to know that the player’s hand is complete.
play online blackjack at home

Practice with Free Online Blackjack Games 

With an array of free games for users to consider, it’s easier to practice and learn some strategies that will work. You can find such games at various online casinos, including Betfarm Casino. These games allow players to understand better how dealers work and the different ways of winning. It enables all users to have a platform to learn about the best strategies for beating the dealer.

Online Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is amongst the games with the most variations. Below is a review of the common variations that most users should consider. These variations provide users or players with the best experience.

Single-Deck Blackjack

Single deck blackjack provides players with the lowest house edge. It allows all users to enjoy the game by providing them with multiple advantages over the house. It’s ideal for all players since it guarantees them the best chances. Some of the single deck games provide their players with a 0.15% house edge.

European Blackjack

As for European blackjack, it’s a game between the player and the dealer. All the basics apply where the only difference is that the player attains two cards face down from the dealer. The dealer also gets the first card face up, and that’s all he gets at that point. The dealer receives the second hand after the player plays their hand.

Free Bet Blackjack

Free bets allow players to split and double down for free. Most of these games will have a free bet button for the player to use. Also, a 22 side bet guarantees a win for the player when the dealer busts when their hand totals 22 side bet.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

With live dealer online blackjack, players have to understand that they have to appropriate new strategies. These aid in ensuring that players can find the right table and avoid insurance. Live dealers use multiple card decks, making insurance a play unwise since it works when counting cards.

Other Variations

Super Fun 21, Spanish 21, and Pontoon are additional variations of the game.

online blackjack with chips and cards

Online Blackjack Casino Bonus Offers 

For players in Nigeria, there are numerous bonus offers that they can consider. Some of these can have €3,000 welcome bonus offers or even bonus codes with €1,000 for their first deposits. Picking the right casino can provide the player with an unsurpassed experience and love gambling in the game.

What Makes Online Blackjack Desirable

Most players love the game because of its convenience. It’s one of the games where one can sit down and create strategies depending on the variant that they love. It’s easier to pick a casino to play in and try out different strategies using some free matches.

Players also have the opportunity of educating themselves about the game as they play. In an online casino, this won’t be cheating. Also, it will eradicate any worries that the player might have about messing up their games.

Online Blackjack FAQ

🗡️ What is the house edge?

It’s the mathematical advantage that a casino has over the players. A lower house edge makes it enjoyable to all players since they have better chances of winning.

🃏 Is blackjack card counting possible?

Yes, it is. If the dealer uses a single card deck, it’s possible to count the cards.

🧷 When should I take insurance?

Players can take insurance as long as the dealer shows an ace. In casinos, a table will flash on the player’s computer or phone.

👍 Does blackjack automatically win?

Yes. A two-card hand that totals up to 21 is the blackjack, making it an automatic winner.

❌ What is the worst hand you can be dealt?

16 is a troublesome hand in the game. A player can get this by being dealt a pair of 8s.

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