OPay Nigeria Online Casino Payment Method Review » Is It Safe To Use?

OPay is an excellent payment method that brings security and freedom to Nigeria’s citizens by providing smart financial services. Let’s look right into its full review.

OPay as a Payment Method at Online Casinos

OPay depositing option is increasingly used as an online casino payment method by Nigerian gamblers. Many Nigerians use it because it has zero fees for deposits made into betting accounts.

In most casinos, this is a new payment method, and most Nigerian bettors love it. It is an excellent alternative to traditional funding options like bank credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. Another great thing about using this service is the bonuses that come with it.

easy access to opay on mobile


It is a great option for any player in Nigeria who is not using a bank account. The reason is that they can deposit physical cash into OPay wallet. Then transfer the money directly into the betting site, and there will be no need for a bank account.

Another incredible benefit that comes with the payment option is that the app is easy and straightforward. The user interface is basic, and anybody can easily understand it. Apart from that, transactions are speedy, and navigation systems are well defined and are very responsive.

Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Easy-to-use Application
  • There are Zero charges
  • Transactions are fast
  • Lots of bonuses and promos
  • Casinos don’t support the withdrawal option

OPay Security Measures

It guarantees safety to its users, especially when finances are involved. They have tools that make transactions easy and still prevent cybersecurity risks from taking place.

So how do they do this? They use risk assessment methodology to analyze any risks that might occur as it can come from both the user side and the employee side. Therefore, they have put in place awareness training programs for their personnel to avoid phishing threats.

Casino Bonuses in Nigeria for OPay Users

The reason why Nigerian bettors love OPay is because of the bonuses and discounts they get. The first bonus is a welcome offer that usually expires after one week. The best part is that offers don’t end there. Players get a 5% on weekdays and a 10% discount when they put money in betting accounts.

Do All Online Casinos in Nigeria Accept OPay?

Gamblers in Nigeria can choose any casino to play their favorite game. However, not all online betting sites accept the payment method. Although it is a new online casino banking option, it is gaining popularity because there are no depositing fees. Hence most players can save their money. Most other online casinos are also trying to introduce it as a payment option for their customers.

The top online casinos that accept OPay payment options in Nigeria are:

Wazobet Casino

Wazobet is a great site and has got almost 2000 plus games, according to its review. They will guide you on how to play any game you select for the best experience. It has got live casino games that you can play for either real money or just for practice. There is also a 110% welcome bonus on the first deposit when you pay with OPay.

First Deposit Bonus₦55,000
  • Weekly promotions
  • Offers free spins
  • Live casino

Your OPay Account

As an online gambler having an OPay account will make the gaming experience much better. Deposit and withdrawal of cash can be made much faster and securely.


As a mobile money operator in Nigeria, they are always looking forward to making life more comfortable for its users. Most people are relying on OPay to pay for goods and services every day. That is why they have introduced an app for easy accessibility, and one can use their mobile site to make payments much faster.

opay card

Account Maintenance

OPay services are the best, especially if one wants to save money. Payments are quick, with no extra hidden costs. There are no maintenance charges. The best part is there is nothing like a minimum account balance. Individuals can put any amount they want in their account and make transfers at a fee of only 10 Naira.

Interest Rates and Account Fees

You can deposit money using your credit or debit card and earn interest every day. One can withdraw the money any time they want. One can upgrade to FlexiFixed and earn a 14% interest per annum.

For example, if you fund N10, 000 you receive a 10% interest per annum that is N2.74 paid daily into your account. It is also possible to withdraw the N10000 plus all the money you have earned as interest so far.

Customer Care

OPay customer care teams are ready to help their customers in case of fraud-related issues, legal matters, or business partnerships. They will give you instructions on what to do. When opening an account, they will assist you with the verification process if you get stuck.

They are located in Lagos, and to reach them, one can use Whatsapp, address box, email, or follow their pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.

Why Should I Use OPay?

OPay app is a great tool to use when making transactions. It is fast and easy to use, as mentioned in the review, especially when you want to pay for services. It has become an online casino payment method that many Nigerians love due to the advantages it comes with.

OPay services are lovely as one can save money and earn interest when you deposit a certain amount of money. You can also link your credit, prepaid or debit card and carry out transactions from your mobile phone.

opay on mobile

How to Fund an OPay Account in Nigeria

To buy goods and services, one needs to have money in their account to carry out transactions. Follow this guide to funding your OPay account successfully. 

  1. Click sign up in either the mobile site or the app
  2. Enter the phone number and verify it.
  3. Create a password
  4. Enter the necessary details required. 
  5. Set up payment pin
  6. Finally, confirm the email.
  7. After the verification process, this is the part where one can put cash into OPay wallet using credit debit or prepaid card.


💸 What are the charges for depositing and withdrawing with OPay?

OPay charges N10 transaction fees, but it is free to put money in the account.

📜 What is required to verify my account?

To verify the account, one requires to fill in their phone number and personal details requested.

🤴 Who owns OPay?

Yahui Zhou is the CEO of OPay. The company was launched in August 2018, and infrastructure was created to add new mobile payment services.

🔐 Is my account information safe?

With OPay, user accounts are always safe as they have systems that detect cybersecurity risks.

☔ Do they have USSD services?

Yes, OPay has USSD services that allow users to buy airtime, send money, and perform transactions.