Guide to Playing Poker at Online Casinos in Nigeria

Poker is one of the favorite games for most online casino players in Nigeria. In this review, players get to understand the different ways of becoming better at the competition and understanding the best strategies to implement.

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The Popularity of Online Poker with Nigerian Gamblers

Poker is a game that’s loved by both beginners and experienced players. It’s easier to find some guides on how to become better at it and implement them with all the different options available online. The game requires players to apply advanced strategies and observe all aspects of the gameplay.

Amongst Nigerian gamblers, poker is experiencing a rise in popularity due to the different bonuses and promotions that most online casinos offer. Players can also play against the casino or live dealers who increase the immersion.

Game of Skill

It mostly relies on skill and a little luck. Most experienced players make some mathematical strategies to eliminate the luck and guarantee that they can always win. However, for beginners, it’s possible to win without any skill. In most online casinos, players engage in competition against other players.

Poker Face

When gambling in live poker, players have to work on their poker face. That is, a player has to know how to play the man and not the game. Here, the player is capable of reading into the other players and knowing when to go all in and when not to. The mannerisms of the other players enable one in knowing their cards or even movements.

Win Real Money

If one wants to win big, they should consider training themselves in tournaments. From here, it’s easier to understand the competition and the different types of players. It’s also easier to discern all the casinos that provide some reliable chances. Players have to work towards learning about their win rate and how to improve it.

poker table

History of Poker

Poker is said to have begun 1,000 years ago. In the 10th century, there was a Chinese emperor who used to play using domino cards. However, the closest predecessor for it is Poque that was familiar in France in the 17th century.

From here, it spread up to a point where soldiers were gambling during the civil war. Queen Victoria introduced it in Europe after hearing the U.S. Minister explain it to some members. However, it became introduced in Europe by U.S. soldiers in World War I.

The Basics

As standard, it has a 52-card pack and at times addition of one or two jokers. However, nowadays, two packs are used to assist with speeding up the match. It’s seamless since when one pack is being dealt, the other is being shuffled for the next deal.

To make some money betting on it, players have to work on chip management. During each deal, there can be multiple gambling intervals. That is different intervals where the player gets the opportunity of betting their hand.

It will, however, depend on the rules of poker because even before the cards are dealt, each player should place an initial contribution called the ante. All gambling rounds or intervals will commence once the player makes a bet. All the other players to the left will proceed by either calling the bet or putting it into the pot.

Poker Hands

Understanding the value of the poker hands assists the players in gambling without any hurdles. These poker hands ensure that one can discern all the principles of betting. That is, the player can understand the different versions of the competition and know how they can win most if not all of these versions.

Here are all the poker hands ranking from the lowest to the highest:

  • No pair – This indicates a hand that has nothing. If more than one player has no pair, the rating favors the player with the highest card in each hand.
  • One pair – It’s a combination that entails a pair with the rest three cards being of different rank.
  • Two pairs – As the name suggests, it entails a hand with a pair of one rank, another of a different rank, and the fifth card from another rank.
  • Three of a kind – In this combination, the player has three cards of the same rank and two of a different rank.
  • Straight – It entails five cards in sequence but each from a different suit.
  • Flush – Entails five cards from the same suit but not in sequence.
  • Full house – It’s a colorful hand that entails three hands from one rank and two from another.
  • Four of a kind – It’s the highest hand that ranks below the straight flush.
  • Straight flush – Just like a straight, however, the cards are from the same suit
  • Royal flush – The best hand in poker. It is in essence a straight flush but features the highest cards – from 10 to Ace.

In case of ties in the competition, players get to split the pot. However, if there are two hands with the same high pair, the next card will be the determinant of the winner.

poker betting

Practice with Free Online Poker Games

With an array of online poker games, there is a lot that players can learn from them. The free solutions are the ideal way if you want to learn how to play poker and practice with other people. Here, the player can learn about the hands, work on their competition face, and discern the different strategies that they can get to implement.

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To become the best at the competition, one has to understand all the variations. This guarantees that one winds up knowing the variation that’s ideal for them. The review below assists players in picking the right fit.

Three Card Poker

It’s the most fun and one of the easiest to learn variations of the competition. Here, players get the advantage of playing two matches in one where they can win based on their cards and play against the dealer. With this game, the goal of the player is to have the best hand with only three cards.

Texas Hold’em

It’s another simple game to learn because there is no limit variation. Most players adore this game because of the different combinations and situations that players can take advantage of. For beginners, starting with the basic rules of the game ensures that they can formulate strategies and gain a chance of winning.

7 Card Stud

In this game, the player aims to win the pot. That is, win all the bets that the other players have made in a single deal. Here, the player will make a bet hoping to attain the best pot or give the impression that they do. When dealing, all players will attain two cards face down and one face up. All these cards are dealt in rotation, one at a time.

Live Dealer Poker

Unlike other variations, players get to play against the house in live dealer poker. All the deals are real and aren’t simulated as some users might tend to believe. With live poker, players can’t use bluffing plays or their competition face. Here, the players have to commence with an ante bet or even a call bet.

Other Variations

Besides the ones listed above, more variations entail Omaha Hi, Razz, and Draw Poker. Omaha Hi is similar to Texas Hold’em in regards to the blonds and bets, but they differ when it comes to the cards dealt to the players.

In Omaha Hi, players get to choose from three variants. Namely:

  • Omaha
  • 5-Card Omaha
  • Courchevel

As for Razz, players are capable of cashing in all their bad hands. Here, players aim at having the lowest five-card hand from the seven dealt cards. Lastly, Draw Poker enables players to replace cards in hand with cards from the deck.

poker cards and chips

Poker Bonus Offers at Online Casinos in Nigeria

For players in Nigeria, it’s easy to come across the figures of the different online casinos and their bonus offers. Most of these offers draw in new clients, but they also assist with learning the game. Depending on the type of game that the casino has, the player can study it using these deals and become better.

Finding the best bonus will necessitate for the player to read all the terms and conditions of the bonuses. These assist with understanding the duration of these bonuses and what one has to do to attain the bonuses.

Poker on The Go

Not all players have the time to play on a computer. For those who love being on the go, there are mobile app options and sites to consider. These ensure that the player attains the convenience of enjoying their favorite match. It also guarantees that players can save their preferred apps and sites on their phones.

When picking the mobile compatible app options and sites, the user has to consider their phone platform. Most phones nowadays are either Android or iOS. Most software providers work towards ensuring that all players have a lively platform where they can enjoy their matches.

Become Better at Poker

Learning about the competition requires one to know the casino, the type of poker, and the strategies to consider. The basics are one way of knowing and understanding poker. However, one has to take more time looking through all the different variations.

Doing so enables the player to gain some skills in the different matches and know whether they can apply them in their favorite game. Also, coming across some live dealer games enables one to understand how dealers work and their strategies for winning a match.

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🐟 What is a fish in poker?

A fish indicates a new, inexperienced player or one who is prone to losing their pots.

🎲 How many chips do you start with?

Each player can start with €3,000 in chips with a chip distribution of one black at €1,000, two green at €500, eight white at €100, and eight red at €25.

💸 Do you lose money if you fold?

Yes. When players fold their current hand, they lose the money in the current pot.

⏲️ How long do online games last?

A tournament of up to 1,000 people can last between eight to 10 hours while a turbo tournament can last between four to six hours.

✔️ Can you leave a game at any time?

Yes. Players can leave a game at any time when they feel that they have had enough of the competition.

💰 What is the Biggest Online Poker Tournament and Prize Money?

The biggest online tournament happened from 16th to 30th August 2020. The prize money was €27,559,500.

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